2021 Kia Carnival

New Kia Sedona / Carnival Debuts As The First ‘Grand Utility Vehicle’

  • First images of Kia new “Grand Utility Vehicle” show its stronger design presence and SUV style
  • Evolution of the characters and modern new look for Kia’s flagship minivan
  • On sale in Korea later in the third quarter of 2020

Kia Motors Corporation has released the first images of the new Kia Carnival, the fourth generation of the brand’s flagship minivan. Released in Korean specifications, the new Kia Carnival – sold in many markets around the world as the Kia Sedona – has been designed to appeal to young progressive families, with a leading combination of innovation, flexibility and style.

Nicknamed “Large utility vehicle”, the new model presents an evolution in design for Carnival. The fourth generation model builds on the legacy of its predecessors with a more architectural sense of solidity and an improved appearance that builds on the overall design ethics that connects the whole design identity of Kia cars . Combined with very detailed futuristic details and design elements inspired by SUVs, the new model brings a stronger and more elegant presence to the segment of medium-sized people carriers.

A character evolution

The new Carnival has a shorter front overhang, with the base of the A-pillar moved backwards to create a longer hood. Its increased wheelbase also contributes to more space throughout the cabin, while giving the car a longer, slightly more athletic silhouette. The result is a side profile that reveals the more dynamic DNA of the Carnival.

This is underlined by a simple but bold character line that runs the full length of the car, connecting the front and rear lights. Under this clear line, the Carnival presents a feeling of greater volume in its body, with bold wheel arches and clean lines along the body giving it a more sculpted appearance.

The new model features a unique “island roof” design, with blackened A and B pillars supporting the body-colored roof. On the side, one of the most remarkable features of the new car is a catchy new signature design of the C-pillar, inspired by that of the new Sorento. The chrome fin, which wraps under the tapered rear windows and extends towards the tailgate, is finished with a subtle diamond pattern which is also reflected throughout the interior of the car.

A more confident and futuristic face

The Carnival presents a new “tiger face” which spans the entire width of the vehicle. This confident and more futuristic face perfectly integrates the lamps with Kia’s emblematic “tiger nose” grille. The Kia designers dubbed this “symphonic architecture”, the design of the facade bringing together a range of detailed technical features to create a sense of harmony and structural energy. The grille and lamps are defined by their high-tech and high-precision details, with chrome fittings above the grille and forming its own character line around the face of the car. The crenellated edge of the upper grille is associated with perpendicular folds that extend directly up the hood, creating a more useful look when viewed from the front.

Carnival lighthouses and LED daytime running lights (DRL) form a unique light signature. The high beams are integrated in the corner of the tiger nose grille, the dipped beam sits separately, on the outer edges of the front of the car. Between them, the DRLs wrap around the Carnival turn signals, then dive downward, merging with the lower chrome border of the grille.

Underneath, the sculpted bumpers and the lower air intake are matched with a metal trim and a black lower bumper, presenting the robust and inspired appearance of the Carnival SUV.

SUV-inspired design extends backwards

At the rear, the Carnival benefits from a new wide and distinctive design which uses full-width lines to emphasize the sense of solidity of the car

These lines include the elegant combination lamps, which echo the same details as the daytime running lights at the front of the car, integrated into full width lighting. The light bar visually connects to a clean, sculpted line that extends downward and wraps around the license plate.

Above the light bar is a chrome line, which begins at the base of the new signature C pillar and wraps around the base of the rear window. Below the light bar, highlight lines extend across the tailgate to increase the visual center of gravity from the rear of the car.

Further improving its SUV-inspired design, the Carnival is complemented by a lower metal skid plate, further elevating the car and giving it a more robust appearance.

More Carnival details will be released soon

The new Kia Carnival is expected to go on sale in Korea, the Kia domestic market, later in the third quarter of 2020, and global sales in many Kia markets will follow. More details on the product will be published soon.

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