New Chevy LT5 Crate Engine Develops 1,159 HP And 1,063 LB-FT

Chevy’s LT5 case engine – a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that has already found use in the Corvette ZR1 C7 – gets some love from Katech. Like, a lot of love. Earlier this month, the engine and performance vehicle maker unveiled the Katech Track Attack LT5 crate engine. It takes 755 horsepower (563 kilowatts) and increases it by just over 40%.

The Katech plant produces 1,159 horsepower (864 kW) and 1,063 foot pounds (1,441 Newton meters) of torque. This is a considerable increase in horsepower and is achieved with several upgrades and modifications from the regular crate engine, although to call a 755-horsepower engineered fur box, a “regular” engine seems spurious .

Katech’s engine modifications include a choice between Magnuson TBVS 2560 compressor or Katech’s own CNC port unit. Displacement and compression both increase – up to 388 cubic inches (6.4 liters) and 10.3: 1, respectively. The GM plant measures 375 cubic inches with a compression ratio of 10.1: 1.

Inside, the mill uses Diamond Pistons with competition valves in the Katech CNC ported cylinder head. There’s no pricing information from the company yet, but don’t expect something cheap. GM’s LT5 starts at $ 18,811, according to Muscle Cars & Trucks.

GM’s small block V8s are popular with aftermarket tuners and manufacturers for their compact size, high power density and reliability. They are versatile, adapting to a wide range of makes and models that could not be more different from the Corvette ZR1 from which the engine came two years ago.

Katech has a successful history in building high-powered GM engines, building the mills for the automaker’s Corvette Racing Team. So yes, the company knows what it does with its Track Attack LT5 checkout engine. And soon, you can put it under the hood of your building in the garage. Well, almost anything.

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