New Audis To Use Supercomputer That Controls Almost Everything

As the mad race for technology and innovation among car manufacturers grows, new cars become even more complex. In an effort to simplify the way advanced components such as the powertrain, chassis, and safety systems work together, the next generation of Audi cars will have a much bigger brain.

It might seem like an oversimplification, but that’s what Audi is getting at. Today, the company presented plans to incorporate a much more sophisticated computer called the Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Computer, which functions as a central facility for the car’s dynamic systems. Audi’s new central computer system is ten times more powerful than current models and will be able to control up to 90 different systems, depending on the vehicle application.

The new vehicle dynamics computer will be found throughout the Audi range. Everything from the compact A3 to the massive Q8 SUV will receive futuristic hardware, including the all-electric E-Tron. According to Audi, this is testament to the versatility of the dynamic computer in that it is designed to work with cars of all performance levels.

In Audi’s electric cars, the computer will monitor and control important systems such as brake regeneration, which contributes up to 30% of potential battery life. In hot rods like the RS models, stuff systems like anti-roll stabilization and active suspension will rely on the vehicle dynamics computer for power. It is also the first time that the powertrain chassis and controls will be housed in a single component – which Audi says will bring a greater range of comfort and performance to its vehicles.


Audi has not specified when the switch to new dynamic computers will enter its product line, but an engineer mentioned that the component is ready for series production – which means it will happen soon. It doesn’t mean much to the driver and the way he interacts with the car, but it’s one of the many recent announcements from Audi that makes us even more excited for future models.

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