Mystery 3-Row Ford SUV Spied Driving Around Dearborn

Ford isn’t about to take a break from the highly anticipated Bronco SUV debut. As with other automakers, the Blue Oval has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the best way to limit losses is to stimulate the market by introducing new models.

The Maverick compact pickup truck is one of the upcoming models and there have been several reports about it, including a leaked photo of its tailgate sent to Engine1 by an anonymous source.

This time, however, a mysterious Ford SUV was spotted by our spy photographers driving around Dearborn. More importantly, the heavily camouflaged prototype appears to be a three-row SUV, according to our spies. He was spotted leaving the Ford development center.

Ford did a great job hiding the prototype, leaving no clues to think about. One thing we did notice, however, is the square rear and the long overhangs, which might also lead us to think of this as the Maverick pickup. While the rear overhang isn’t long enough for a Ranger box, the Maverick should have a two-foot shorter bed, according to an insider report. This bodes well with the prototype spotted above.

The prototype above could really be anything. Our spy photographers may be right, which means another three-row SUV will roll out of Dearborn. Currently, there are two three-row SUVs in the American Blue Oval lineup, which are the Expedition and the Explorer. Adding a third won’t be a far-fetched idea.

Now, if this is indeed the Maverick, the timing is perfect as the Escape-based compact truck is set to debut by 2021.

We will know more about this new Ford model to come. And as always, we’ll be keeping an eye on any recent developments.

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