Motorsport Network Launches Global Distribution And Production Platform Motorsport Studios

July 22, 2020, London: Motorsport Network has launched Motorsport Studios, a global distribution and production platform that will give fans access to the world’s largest public motorsport media archive and help brands tell their stories. stories in sport.

Motorsport Studios will provide a unique full-service offering to racing businesses, integrating its in-house developed OTT technology platform with content production and curation, global distribution and audience targeting. It will capitalize on the 56 million monthly audiences that already log into Motorsport Network’s websites and digital sites around the world.

The new platform integrates several successful business units into a single integrated offering for the market. Motorsport Images, which includes 26 million powerful images covering all races in Formula 1’s 70-year history, as well as photography services at motorsport races and events, as well as and Duke Video, which brings together a powerful set of 20,000 video assets. is the OTT digital video platform dedicated to racing and car enthusiasts. Brands and partners can host content on select channels, accessible to audiences around the world.

Prestigious car brands have signed up to have an official channel on Motorsport.TV and the platform recently listed a series of popular YouTubers including Shmee150, Donut Media and Vehicle Virgins on their own personal channels generating content specifically for them. customers.

In addition to serving B2B customers, Motorsport Studios will enhance the B2C offerings of Motorsport Images and Duke Video, creating a new generation of products for fans and collectors.

Motorsport Studios is led by three-time BAFTA winner James Allen, who has 30 years of frontline motorsport media experience and has served as network president since 2018.

James Allen said, “We have the largest archive of motorsport and motor sport footage and a huge video library that we can tap into, because sport isn’t just about live events, it’s about also rich content, history and context. We are in the best position to understand the content that interests fans on digital platforms because we are a digitally driven company. “

Mehul Kapadia, COO of Motorsport Network, said: “Motorsport Studios brings together a number of key assets into one platform, which allows us to leverage our technology and content library for the market. wider. We hope this will be a vital addition to the motorsport landscape, helping businesses, teams, sponsors and racing brands engage directly with millions of fans around the world. will continue to host a range of exclusive content, such as the epic motorsport feature film “Heroes” produced by BAFTA and award-winning Sundance writer and producer Manish Pandey in partnership with Motorsport Network.

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