Mid-Engined Mini Screams To 13,000 RPM With Kawasaki Ninja Engine

The original Mini is still one of the automotive benchmarks for a light tram. It was so good that even James Hunt started his career piloting them around Snetterton. Besides its featherweight ethic, what if you swapped out a Kawasaki Ninja engine in the middle, converted it to rear-wheel drive, and added bigger tires to all four corners?

In the end, Adam from AMT Machine Shops stopped wondering and found out exactly what it would look like. Based in Vancouver, BC, he wanted his Mini to stand out from the crowd, and wow did he pull it off. Aside from the Bonkers powertrain, the car has flared fenders capable of putting a Porsche RWB in the manhood board, with a rear spoiler that would look right at home in the pits of an event. World Time Attack.

Moving on to the obvious party piece of the vehicle is a mid-mounted Kawasaki Ninja engine. Since the original Mini ran out of space as it is, the guys at AMT had to get a little creative when they launched the new engine. With rearward placement, there is no longer a firewall separating passengers from the heat and noise that you usually never worry about. Letting him sing his song in the back also means that under the hood is the fuel tank.

Rather than getting a gearbox that could handle the power coming from the motorcycle engine, AMT Adam opted to keep the Ninja’s existing unit. The car also retains the existing Kawasaki bike dashboard to keep an eye on vital signs. As if it couldn’t get wilder, the vehicle is also equipped with a hydraulic handbrake, because why not?

In a perfect world, we’d love to see GP quick shifting added for seamless gear changes, but we’ve figured it out, this thing isn’t a four-wheel MotoGP machine. If a car could capture the essence of James Hunt, we think this one would tick all the boxes.

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