Micro Machines “Micro But Many” Book Details Toy History, Pictures

Micro Machines “Micro But Many” Book Details Toy History, Pictures

Millennial car nuts are in their prime for nostalgia for vehicles, and for many of these nuts, Micro Machines have been the toy of choice for a few years. The quickly speaking launcher brought out the smaller cars, trucks and planes from the larger Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys. As these became collectible, generating renewed interest (and, yes, even life-size hobbies, as you can see in our MotorTrend Hot Wheels Life Size show), it may have been -It is inevitable that Micro Machines gets its second day in the Sun.

This moment seems to be now. This big glossy book from Bitmap is called “Micro But Many: An Unofficial Micro Machines Collection”. As you can see in the title, this is a work which is not authorized by the current owner Hasbro, nor linked to the last attempt to relaunch Wicked Cool Toys (under license from Hasbro).

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This is what it is not. What it is, it’s really cool: 400 pages of lithographic printing with four (count them!) Bookmark ribbons. There are holographic sheet details, an animated lenticular cover and many rare and unusual patterns detailed inside. Apparently, some of the original designers have organized this collection, with background details, history and even some new prototypes and models.

It sounds like a true celebration of the whole phenomenon that was Micro Machines at its peak, small vehicles that competed with big companies for consumer dollars. Between that and the reintroduction of the Wicked Cool Toys brand, apparently, in the fall of 2020, all fans of Micro Machines are going to have a very good year. The book is listed for around $ 38 on the British company’s website.

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