Mercedes To Ax Several Cars In The U.S.: Report

Just two weeks ago, we announced that Mercedes was ending production of the C-Class sedan in the United States, as well as the A-Class in Mexico. This was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected several car manufacturers around the world.

It’s only a matter of time before we see the next-gen C-Class sedan, but it looks like its coupe and convertible versions won’t make it to American soil. According to a report by Automotive News, Mercedes-Benz is reducing its portfolio in America, and the likely contenders are – you guessed it – the C-Class coupe and convertible, as well as the S-Class and E-Class coupes and convertibles, as well as the Coupe and the CLS one of the GT models.

These models are however not confirmed, but Automotive News reports that Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Nicholas Speeks told dealers during a webinar in late June that seven car models would be phased out. Details were not provided by Speeks and Automotive News also did not get a comment from a Mercedes spokesperson on the future range.

The reduction in Mercedes’ wallet is welcomed by dealers, as one of their qualms is the inflated US wallet which has reached 15 nameplates.

As expected, Mercedes-Benz’s American lineup will continue to be enriched with SUVs, which have proven to be the brand’s profitable models. There has been a 73% increase in luxury crossover sales over the past five years. In contrast, luxury car sales fell 37% over the same period. The sedans will also remain.

The complexity of Mercedes’ lineup, which includes different body styles under one name, adds costs to the automaker, and Mercedes certainly knows that. With the current pandemic not slowing down as expected, Mercedes will of course find a way to cut costs. And yes, this is all part of Daimler’s global cost reduction plan, and we may see more of it in the months to come. Well, I hope not.

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