Mercedes T-Class Teased As Brand’s First Lifestyle Van

Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz Vans is a vehicle supplier in the small, medium and large van segments, meeting all customer requirements for spacious space. From now on, a small platform of vans will be used to create a new vehicle adapted to the needs of families while being an ideal companion for lovers of active leisure. Like the V-Class, which successfully positions itself in the mid-size segment, Mercedes-Benz Vans will also offer a small van for individuals from the first half of 2022. The class designation of this new model is “T-Class “.

“With the new Mercedes-Benz T-Class, we will offer a vehicle that will allow families and those with active hobbies to enter the Mercedes-Benz world. These customers are looking for compact, attractive and practical vehicles – and it is precisely these. requirements met by the new T-Class, ”says Marcus Breitschwerdt, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

“With the new layout and design of the T-Class, we are achieving a fusion of functionality and desirability,” says Gorden Wagener, Design Director of the Daimler Group. “With our unique Sensual Purity design philosophy, we create an attractive family companion being the T-Class inspiring with its design, proportions and perceived value.

Clear belonging to the Mercedes-Benz family

As a completely new development, the T-Class will be clearly noticeable at first glance as a member of the Mercedes-Benz family and will exhibit undeniably typical brand characteristics with the three-pointed star. Especially in terms of design, value, safety and connectivity, the new vehicle will carry Mercedes-Benz DNA.

New class, new concept

The private customer market is central to the all-new Mercedes-Benz T-Class. The T-Class will meet the needs of families and leisure enthusiasts at an attractive price-performance ratio. The letter T stands for space-efficient concepts and is therefore ideally suited as a model designation for compact family vans with the three-pointed star.

The new Mercedes-Benz T-Class offers plenty of space and is suitable for a range of different uses, including passenger transport as a benchmark in sharing services, while not compromising on comfort. The wide-opening sliding doors on the left and right sides of the vehicle, for example, allow easy and comfortable access to the interior. Besides the conventional drive systems, there will also be a fully electric version.

Mercedes-Benz Vans in the small van segment

In the small van segment, Mercedes-Benz Vans is represented by the Citan marketed since 2012. In August last year, the Vans division announced a successor to the compact city delivery van, with a fully electric variant. On the basis of this small platform of vans, two vehicles will be created: while the Mercedes-Benz Citan is an uncompromising vehicle suited to the demands of business customers, the Mercedes-Benz T-Class is primarily aimed at private customers.

The T-Class and the Citan will be created in cooperation with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.

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