Mercedes Still Has Full Confidence In Sedans Despite SUV Boom

Mercedes Still Has Full Confidence In Sedans Despite SUV Boom

There’s so much to be said about the comparison between sedans and SUVs / crossovers these days, but most (if not everyone) will tell you that SUVs are all the rage. The sales numbers are proof of that and the fact that you see them more on the road now than before further reinforces that notion.

That said, Mercedes-Benz is still full of confidence with sedans, especially with the S-Class sedan, which recently made its world debut for its seventh generation. In light of this event, Mercedes chief Ola Källenius shared his thoughts with a handful of media staff.

“As far as relevance is concerned, the three-compartment sedan in the luxury segment remains very relevant,” Källenius said in an interview reported by Australia. CarsGuide.

Källenius, of course, is happy with the evolution of Mercedes’ SUV sales, accounting for a third of every car sold by the German automaker. The GLS is the main focus of the Mercedes SUV lineup, along with the GLS Maybach, meeting the demand for SUVs from its customers.

But Källenius is not losing hope with his three-box vehicles, especially the S-Class. In his opinion, sedans in the high-end segment “appear to be very, very solid”.

The flagship S-Class sedan remains a strong seller for Mercedes. In fact, its biggest market isn’t in Europe or the United States – it’s China where 700 S-Class sedans are sold. each month. Indeed, sedans are here to stay, but it won’t be long before you have to spend a little more than you should if you want a sedan in your garage.

As for the S-Class coupe and convertible, well, these two have been confirmed to meet the end of the road.

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