Mercedes Museum Mascot Is A Building In A Skirt And We

Mercedes Museum Mascot Is A Building In A Skirt And We’re Confused

Just as Disney cars may have spawned several generations of young car enthusiasts, Mercedes-Benz has its own way of bringing the brand to young children. Naturally, the goal is to make the brand appealing to children, and the best possible way is to find some elements that can be turned into some kind of caricature or cartoon, right? And what better way to represent the Mercedes-Benz Museum, an installation dedicated to all the brands of the Daimler group, their history and its official seat, than a mascot of the building itself? In a skirt. Yeah, we’re a little confused too.

The Daimler Group has announced that from October 3, two mascots will represent the Mercedes-Benz Museum: Carlchen and Carlotta. The duo will appear in future print media and designs for children’s merchandising. Carlchen we have no problem with, because he represents Mercedes-Benz in the best possible way – a car with a three-pointed star. With obvious brownie points for being a convertible. Carlotta, meanwhile, is an anthropomorphized version of the real Mercedes-Benz Museum. Almost something we would immediately associate Mercedes with. Especially for children. And for good measure, just to make sure they reach the female demographic, a skirt was applied.

Mercedes museum mascot is skirted building and we are confused

Monja Büdke, Director of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, explains: “Our idea was to create recognizable personalities that children and adults could relate to. As a mother of two, I know how positive the effect of the animated characters is. The result is a sympathetic duo: Carlotta as a museum image and her partner Carlchen as a car, obviously wearing the star on the hood.

The team behind the design is Steegmüller Sculptures and specializes in transforming objects into moving sculptures and walking acts. Jörg Steegmüller adds: “When creating this figure it was essential to ensure that it was immediately recognizable. At the same time, it was important to have a friendly face positioned appropriately and to give her open and attractive eyes. I immediately fell in love with the result: as long as Carlotta is around, people will love her. When she is gone, she will be missed.

Very well then. We are extremely curious as to why the Carlotta design has been given the green light. Maybe they could have used something like, I don’t know, a crossover or an SUV in a more suitable color and give it some eyelashes? But what do we know, right? All we know is that Mercedes-Benz is all about cars.

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