Mercedes EQS Spied Reminding Us It Will Technically Be A Hatchback

Mercedes EQS Spied Reminding Us It Will Technically Be A Hatchback

Now that the new S-Class is on the move, we are gradually moving towards its electric equivalent in the vast Mercedes lineup. Unlike the GLC-based EQ C, the EQS will stand out from the S-Class by driving on a dedicated electric car platform. We can say the same about styling because while the two crossovers have similar proportions and common design traits, the EQS looks a lot more futuristic than Daimler’s traditional flagship.

A new batch of spy photos from the Nürburgring reminds us that Mercedes is taking a more hands-on approach compared to the Taycan and E-Tron GTs. While the Porsches and Audi EVs are sedans, the EQS will be a sedan / liftback, as indicated by the visible outline of the large hatchback in the adjacent images. The Tesla Model S has a similar setup, while the electric Jaguar XJ and BMW i7 will be sedans judging by the most recent spy photos.

Aside from the trunk situation, we can observe that the EQS has pop-out power door handles similar to the new S-Class (W223). An interesting change that we noticed when comparing the new images with the previous ones concerns the location of the charging port. While the older prototype had a thin “fuel” cap on the front fender, this one has larger fuel doors on both rear fenders.

Are they wrong? We’re not sure, although we’re tempted to believe that the production version will have that sleeker charge port cache that we saw earlier this month. It would be nice to have them on both sides for convenience, but that remains to be seen.

Mercedes EQS 2022 spy photo

Current prototype

Mercedes EQS 2022 spy photo

Previous prototype

Despite the full camouflage outfit, it’s safe to say that the production version will stay true to last year’s concept in terms of design and swoopy shape. The interior will borrow a lot of elements from the S-Class, although we’re sure Mercedes has found a way to make the interior of the EQS a little more special. The three-pointed star has been coy about details regarding the production version, only revealing that it will travel more than 700 kilometers (435 miles) between WLTP-based charges.

As is the case with the all-new S-Class, the EQS will be fitted with rear wheel steering to reduce the turning radius and compensate for its generous wheelbase. It has everything it takes to become the most technologically advanced Mercedes, and we’re already hearing rumors that AMG has got their hands on it. Boys and girls are no strangers to upgrading electric vehicles, having introduced the limited-run SLS AMG Electric Drive in 2013.

Mercedes will be ditching the EQS in production form in 2021, so expect sales to start towards the end of this year or early 2022.

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