Second-gen Mercedes-Benz EQC spy photo

Mercedes EQC Spied Already Getting Ready For New Generation

If you live in the United States, you still can’t place an order for the EQC, Mercedes-Benz’s first fully electric production vehicle in the global market. Even if you check out the brand’s official website for the country, you’ll find the EV SUV in the Future category and the last time we heard from the company they were planning to move the model launch to 2021. Meanwhile, strange as it may sound, the brand is already working on the next-gen EQC.

We have the first spy photos of an early EQC prototype, showing a hose-less test car roughly the same size as the current model. The lamps on the rear and front are obviously only temporary units and there are a few fake panels added to the bodywork, but this mule at least gives us a good look at the dimensions of the vehicle.

So, straight to the million dollar question – why is Mercedes already working on a successor for today’s model when it’s not even on sale in the United States yet? Quite simply because the first generation EQC is based on the EVA-I architecture which is also used by the current C and GLC classes. It’s a platform designed with combustion engines in mind and the limited space for batteries and other physical limitations engineers faced.

The new EQC, however, will be based on a new dedicated EV architecture that is expected to underpin a number of the brand’s other compact EVs as well. This platform should be able to accommodate a larger battery and should also offer other advantages over the current one.

According to early details, Mercedes has given the new EQC the green light for launch at some point in 2022. That could very well mean that US customers won’t even receive the first-gen model at all.

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