Mercedes-Benz GLB Gets A Moody Makeover, More Power From Brabus

Mercedes-Benz GLB Gets A Moody Makeover, More Power From Brabus

BRABUS refines the new Mercedes GLB-Class

Aerodynamic improvement, wheels, suspension, engine tuning, interior

Elegantly styled aerodynamic enhancement components, 18, 19 or 20 inch diameter alloy wheels, sporty and comfortable suspension solutions that raise or lower the SUV, powerful engine tuning and exclusive interior accessories: BRABUS now offers a range of exclusive refinement for the new Mercedes GLB Class.

All components come with the BRABUS Tuning Warranty® of three years or 100,000 kilometers / 62,000 miles (see BRABUS warranty terms and conditions, updated July 2013) which is exemplary for the entire industry.

The BRABUS body component range for the new Mercedes GLB-Class is characterized by sporty elegance. All components are made in OEM quality from PUR. The BRABUS two-part front spoiler for vehicles fitted with the factory-fitted AMG Line package is designed to attach to the lower part of the fairing on the left and right. In addition, the BRABUS front fairing inserts for the side air intakes can add even more striking reflections to the face of the SUV.

The BRABUS Power Beams roof rack with two auxiliary lights provides increased safety for night driving. Two powerful LED modules enhance the illumination of the roadway in front of the vehicle when the driver switches on the high beam or uses the headlight flasher.

The BRABUS rear spoiler, which attaches to the tailgate, can give all variants of the new GLB-Class a more exciting rear appearance. In addition, a set of four black chrome BRABUS tailpipes with a diameter of 90 millimeters (3.5 inches) is available as an additional design element specifically for vehicles fitted with the AMG Line package.

OEM quality BRABUS alloy wheels make the new GLB-Class even more fascinating and give the car even more agile handling. To this end, BRABUS suspension engineers and test pilots have developed bespoke tire / wheel combinations with diameters of 18, 19 and 20 inches.

The attached photos show the refined Mercedes GLB-Class with the biggest option, the new 8.5Jx20 BRABUS Monoblock Z wheels. These ten spoke wheels, painted black and sporty polished surfaces, offer the perfect combination of low weight and maximum strength. BRABUS technology partners Continental, Pirelli and YOKOHAMA supply the corresponding high performance tires up to size 255/40 R 20 on the rear axle.

BRABUS has developed the BRABUS sport springs for the 4MATIC variants of the Mercedes GLB-Class specifically for use with low-profile sports tires. The optimum blend of sportier handling and high ride quality was achieved in extensive road testing. Lowering the ride height by about 30 millimeters (1.2 inches) also benefits the appearance of the car.

In addition, BRABUS offers an alternative for GLB owners who also like to drive their vehicle off-road; springs for all-wheel-drive versions that increase the ride height of the SUV by about 35 millimeters compared to the production level.

BRABUS offers the world’s most comprehensive range of engine tuners for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The top priority of all BRABUS engine developments is to achieve the perfect combination of high performance potential, exceptional sophistication, exemplary environmental friendliness and unwavering durability. BRABUS recommends MOTUL high performance lubricants.

Bottrop’s first performance upgrade for the new model series is the BRABUS PowerXtra B25 performance kit for the GLB 250. The kit increases the peak power of the GLB 250’s turbo four-cylinder engine by 34 kW / 46 hp ( 46 hp) and increases the maximum torque by 80 Nm (59 lb-ft), thanks to the plug-and-play BRABUS PowerXtra module. It introduces a newly programmed mapping for injection and ignition into the engine electronics and recalibrates the boost pressure control.

New peak power of 199 kW / 270 hp (267 hp), compared to 165 kW / 224 hp (221 hp) as standard, and increased peak torque from 350 to 430 Nm (258 to 317 lb-ft) optimize dynamics driving and driving pleasure. A sprint time of just 6.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) and an increased top speed to 240 km / h (149 mph) make the SUV tuned by BRABUS one of the more sporty in its segment. The BRABUS PowerXtra B25 performance upgrade is available for all GLB 250 models with front-wheel drive or 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

BRABUS PowerXtra options for the other petrol and turbodiesel models of the GLB-Class are under development.

Of course, BRABUS also offers a multitude of refined options for the interior fittings of the new GLB-Class. The product range includes anodized aluminum skid plates with the BRABUS logo, backlit in 64 colors in sync with the ambient car lighting and matt anodized BRABUS aluminum pedals. The feet of all three rows can be upgraded with high-quality floor mats with the BRABUS logo. The product range also includes a matching BRABUS trunk mat.

Particularly personalized requests are met with great love for detail by the company’s upholstery store. Customers can choose from particularly soft but extremely durable BRABUS Mastik and Alcantara leathers in a virtually endless variety of colors. BRABUS also offers a great variety when it comes to the design of the upholstery layout and the scope of the work: The spectrum extends from the realization of factory leather appointments to fine leather interiors. particularly exclusive BRABUS.

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