Mercedes-AMG One Spy Photo

Mercedes-AMG One Spied From Afar, Still In Development

Yes, the ambitious Mercedes-AMG One is still alive. These new spy images capture a camouflaged development car – albeit at a distance – exercising in Germany. But hasn’t Mercedes already revealed its F1 hypercar?

It’s been years since the AMG Concept One abandoned our collective jaws for the first time in 2017, but it was the concept. Mercedes has since struggled to get a high-speed, high-speed Formula 1 engine in a form that meets emission regulations. It’s not that none of the 275 production versions slated for production will ever see anything remotely resembling a daily driving routine.

For some time, here is a reminder of the insane statistics of this incredible machine. Using a 1.6-liter F1-compliant V6 engine, combined with four electric motors, the AMG One will provide more than 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) and a soundtrack worthy of starting in pole position in Monaco. The gasoline engine will run at 11,000 rpm, but the literal price for such performance is a rebuild every 31,000 miles. Again, the 275 buyers who have already committed millions of dollars to One are probably not affected by such things.

We suspect them are anxious, however, to finally recover their car. Originally slated for deliveries in 2019, the aforementioned delays in getting the WLTP certified engine have pushed back the timeline, and we believe the coronavirus has put another monkey key into the mix. These new spy plans also suggest that some aerodynamic developments may still be underway. The large roof air intake looks a bit larger than that of the concept car, and the vents in the front fascia can also be larger. The rear lights seen here are also different, but they could be placeholders used for testing purposes.

When will the AMG One finally be ready? The latest information indicates that deliveries should finally begin in 2021, unless there are additional emissions issues or global pandemics.

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