Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro By Carlex Design Front Three Quarters

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro By Carlex Design Has Flying Skulls On The Seats

Carlex Design largely specializes in creating highly customized interiors for high-end vehicles, and it’s hard to imagine a look much wilder than what the company is putting in the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. Remember the insanely popular Ed Hardy and Affliction t-shirts from the 2000s? This cabin looks a lot like them.

On the outside, there is no hint of the odd interior. This AMG GT R Pro looks pretty good. The majority of the body is painted in dark green paint with a brushed finish which provides a feeling of speed even when seated. All the trim is black is a matte finish. The wheels are also different and have five sets of three spokes.

It’s finally time to discuss the interior. If you love skulls, you will love this look. Skulls with wings appear on the seat cushions and backrests. They are also on the door panels. Roses and a paisley pattern are also part of the design.

The rest of the interior is in dark green leather to match the exterior color. Even the seat belts are the same color.

Even if it would take away the surprise of opening the door and seeing a bunch of winged skulls, we can’t help but wonder what the interior would look like without the ridiculous pattern. The mixture of dark green and charcoal would be beautiful.

Until the very recent debut of the AMG GT Black Series, the GT R Pro was the meanest version of the model available. It shares the GT R’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 577 hp (430 kW). The exterior is more aggressive with ducks in the front corners, fender vents, revised rear splitter and a large fender. Manually adjustable shocks and carbon-ceramic brakes are standard. Total production is only 750 units, of which 150 are for the United States.

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