Mercedes-AMG GT-R Black Series Brings Its Crazy Aero To The ‘Ring

Besides being one of the most emblematic racetracks in the world, the Nürburgring Nordschleife is a fantastic playground for car manufacturers to compose new vehicles. As the 12.9-mile tarmac strip has a myriad of more than 150 turns, it’s a great place to test vehicle dynamics. Its popularity with car manufacturers also makes it a hot spot for photographers and videographers to capture images of new vehicles.

YouTuber cvdzijden recently released a video of a camouflaged Mercedes AMG GT-R Black that goes flat on its stomach around green hell. Just as the AMG GT3 race car received an update last year, the road car followed suit. With a solid race pedigree at the ‘Ring, the GT-R Black is equipped with large shoes to fill. Consecutive podiums at the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring do not happen by accident.

While the upgrades from GT-R to GT-R Black aren’t clear at the moment, a new must-see aspect is the new aerodynamic kit. It’s not GT3 but the rear spoiler is clearly the party piece of the car. The rear fenders of this size and angle of attack will certainly make a big difference. Although most of the exterior improvements are hidden by the camouflage of the car, the front end seems to be essentially unchanged from the standard GT-R.

Aerodynamics aside, the car appears very composed through demanding sections of the track. There were no visible issues when navigating the Karussel with other faster sections like Brunnchen, also known as the YouTube corner. During the tourist, when the track is open to the public, the Brunnchen corner is a hot spot for accidents and therefore a must in the Nürburgring crash compilations.

While we don’t know how far the GT-R Black driver has pushed, he seemed to conquer green hell with relative ease. Let us know your thoughts on the new Merc in the comments below.

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