McLaren P1 Owner Reveals Battery Trickle Charger Costs $30,000

Although the McLaren P1 is an incredibly capable hypercar, it still has to be plugged in like any other electric vehicle in the world. As fast charging technology was not there when the P1 was released, the McLaren requires slow charging to slowly and safely charge its battery. In his latest video, California real estate mogul and car enthusiast Manny Khoshbin takes us behind the scenes in his personal McLaren P1.

After experiencing issues keeping the hybrid’s battery charged, Khoshbin called McLaren support to diagnose the problem. After some deliberation, the problem appeared to be a faulty charging unit. Until a new charger can be dispatched, McLaren recommended that Khoshbin drive the vehicle at least once a week to keep the battery properly powered.

After a quick breakfast to recharge him and the car, Khoshbin’s cameraman suggests seeing how fast the P1 can sprint to 60mph in all-electric mode. Spoiler alert: There is no Tesla while using only the electric powertrain, as the silent 60 sprint took a dismal ten seconds. To offer some perspective, with the electric motors running off the vehicle’s 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8, the P1 is able to complete the same sprint in about 2.8 seconds.

While yes, this result is grim, it is important to note that the P1 was not designed to run in E mode only. The car is capable of driving just over six miles in electric mode from a full charge. The P1 also offers the first version of performance hybrid technology where it was seen as a more economical way to add power. That said, we’ve seen incredible advances in hybrid technology since the introduction of the P1, with vehicles like the Polestar 1 able to travel just under 125 kilometers in all-electric mode.

All in all, if you could drive one of Khoshbin’s vehicles, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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