McLaren P1 Designer Reviews Lotus Evija And Ferrari 250 GTO Styling

While opinions on the aesthetics of the McLaren Senna are often disputed, no one would dare speak badly of the P1. This is the designer, Frank Stephenson had the opportunity to attend the 2020 Hampton Court Palace Concours d’Elegance and speak on stage with his good friend Jodie Kidd. Along the way, he analyzes the styling of some of the excellent automobiles on display.

With a design philosophy that beauty follows function, it’s no surprise that Stephenson must have taken a look at the Lotus Evija in the flesh. Hidden beneath the striking exterior, the electric hypercar’s bodywork is mated to a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque that makes the vehicle incredibly light and strong – its survival cell that runs the length of the car sits also be the longest ever mounted on a production. vehicle.

To slice through the air without interruption, the vehicle does not have exterior door handles or mirrors. With its massive venturi tunnels, made possible by its electric powertrain, the Lotus is both beautiful and fast. As is almost mandatory with the current crop of hypercars, the rear end has an active wing and diffuser to consistently deliver maximum performance. It’s refreshing to see that while the Evija is incredibly complex, it still follows Lotus’ famous F1 engineer, Colin Chapman’s lightweight performance ethic.

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The next car Stephenson liked was the Ferrari 250 GTO – surprisingly closer to the Evija in principle than you might think. The vehicle’s voluptuous fenders not only look great, but allow more rubber to reach the road. Up front, the headlights are a similar story, being sleek while keeping aerodynamics in mind.

The proportions also caught Stephenson’s attention. As the driver sits right in front of the rear wheels, this not only gave the Italian manufacturer enough room for a V12, but also the opportunity to masterfully connect all of the car’s body lines. Although the 250 GTO was his favorite car of the day, it is clear that this event should be on every gasoline enthusiast’s list.

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