McLaren Hybrid Confirmed For 2021, New Electrified Platform Revealed

McLaren Unveils All-New Innovative Light Vehicle Architecture

Mike Flewitt, CEO of luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive, today confirmed the introduction of the brand’s all-new flexible and lightweight vehicle architecture that will underpin its next generation of electrified supercars.

The new architecture, designed specifically to accommodate the new hybrid powertrains, was completely designed, developed and produced in-house in the UK at McLaren’s state-of-the-art £ 50million McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC) in the UK. Sheffield.

The new flexible vehicle architecture uses innovative and world-first processes and techniques to remove excess mass, reduce overall vehicle weight, while further improving safety features.

It will support the next generation of McLaren hybrid models as the supercar company enters its second decade of series production.

McLaren’s first new hybrid supercar based on the all-new architecture will launch in 2021.

“The revolutionary new vehicle architecture is just as groundbreaking as the MonoCell chassis we introduced with the company’s first car, the 12C, when we first entered production vehicle manufacturing ten years ago.

“This new ultralight carbon fiber chassis offers greater structural integrity and higher quality levels than ever before, with our new MCTC facility quickly becoming recognized as a global center of excellence in composite material science and manufacturing.

“Our advanced expertise in lightweight composites manufacturing and processes combined with our experience in advanced battery technology and high performance hybrid propulsion systems means that we are uniquely positioned to provide customers with levels of high performance electrified powertrain that until now were simply inaccessible. “
Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren Automotive.

Mr Flewitt said the new architecture would allow McLaren to switch to 100% electrified supercars.

“For us, lightness and electrification go hand in hand to obtain better performance as well as more efficient vehicles,” he said.

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