McLaren 765LT Strata Theme By MSO

McLaren 765LT Strata Theme By MSO Gives The Longtail A Bespoke Finish

With the exception of its exorbitant price tag which starts at $ 358,000, there’s a lot to like about the McLaren 765LT. It’s ridiculously fast and looks like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie, with an edgy design that sets it apart from the little McLarens. It might not look as striking as a Senna or Speedtail, but these Woking machines cost seven figures.

People who buy a supercar rarely go for the base model as they tend to tick at least a few of the boxes in the options list. One percent people who want to go deeper into their pockets can go further by contacting McLaren Special Operations – the company’s bespoke division. The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing through MSO, and this 765LT Strata is a prime example.

See that red and black paint job? MSO Heritage Memphis Red combined with MSO Bespoke Cherry Black accents takes 450 hours. There are more MSO goodies once you look behind the wheels where the front and rear brake calipers are finished in Volcano Red and Azores respectively. Perhaps even more eye-catching than the paint is the carbon fiber roof scoop integrated into the upper rear window to channel air to the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine.

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MSO will be happy to embellish the interior at the right price. This particular 765LT has the Strata graphic and MSO logo adorning the headrests as well as the door sills bathed in carbon fiber. The Memphis Red exterior theme has a matching interior where it has been applied behind the shift paddles, on the steering wheel 12 o’clock marker and in other areas.

The Strata graphic is applied even to the car keys in a process that takes an additional 14 hours of work for those who find the standard 765LT key too mundane. All that’s missing is a bespoke car cover for Woking’s latest Longtail model, but we wouldn’t be surprised if McLaren through its MSO division can accommodate owners with this as well.

Only 765 individual 765LT numbers will be made, with production for 2020 already sold out. McLaren says “expressions of interest” for 2021 are already outstripping production capacity, but it remains to be seen how many of those expressions will convert into actual sales.

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