McLaren 720S LeMans Edition Includes F1 GTR-Like Styling Details

McLaren 720S LeMans Edition Includes F1 GTR-Like Styling Details

Racing fans will certainly appreciate McLaren’s ode to his 1995 Le Mans victory, which celebrates the victory of the McLaren F1 GTR # 59 driven by JJ Lehto, Yannick Dalmas and Masanori Sekiya in the 24 hour race. Everyone, however, is more likely to admire the handful of F1 GTR-inspired details that ultimately appear on McLaren’s 720S supercar.

The special edition 720S Le Mans, the latest variant of the flagship 710 hp model from the British manufacturer “Super Series”, is limited to 50 copies for world consumption. A spokesperson for the North American branch of the company confirmed that the low-volume model will travel to our shores. However, exactly how many of the 50 cars land here remain in the air.

Available exclusively with a layer of orange or gray paint (as well as with a contrasting or complementary orange or gray interior decor), the 720S Le Mans edition stands out from the typical 720S pack thanks to its contrasting dark gray rocker panels ( filled with “McLaren 25 Le Mans anniversary “script) and bumper, carbon fiber louvers and shiny black trim, which includes the roof and its associated shovel. That’s right, this 720S has a functional roof scoop that supplies fresh air to its 4.0-liter V8 with twin turbochargers and its seven-speed transmission, while removing heat from the engine compartment.

Although the roof is great, it actually plays the supporting role of the fantastic Le Mans Edition 720S wheels, which mimic the appearance of the units worn by the winning car at Le Mans a quarter of a century ago. In fact, the five-spoke wheels, which cover a set of gold-painted brake calipers, justify the surely high price of this low-volume McLaren.

Yes, the exterior styling details of the Le Mans 720S are its most interesting additions. However, McLaren did not ignore the interior of the car, and the company installed a lot of faux suede throughout the cabin, as well as carbon fiber racing seats with specific Le Mans embroidery in the headrests , a marker on the 12 o of the steering wheel rim. position of the clock, special floor mats and interior plate indicating the particular nature of the model.

Although McLaren is silent on price details for the Le Mans 720S bound for the United States, the company shared that the 16 cars it is destined for Europe will carry a sticker of £ 254,500, or about 285 $ 000. That said, we expect the model to sell for more than $ 300,000 when it arrives on our shores, likely around September, when European deliveries begin.

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