McLaren 570S Replacement Revealed in Patent Images

McLaren 570S Replacement Revealed in Patent Images

Pour one for McLaren’s Sports Series model lineup, as the production cycle of the British brand’s entry-level model is soon coming to an end. In its place, McLaren will launch a gasoline-electric hybrid sports car (eventually named the P16) built on a new carbon fiber architecture known internally as the MCLA.

While the brand recently teased images of the hybrid sports car covered in camouflage, it may have inadvertently revealed the vehicle in its entirety in a recent patent application. As you might expect, the new model takes the brand’s stylistic language a step further, with its headlights and side air intakes blending together to form the boomerang look of the McLaren symbol, while the rear incorporates lights. Slim and wide LEDs like those of the GT. Additionally, the car’s flying buttresses and right rear window are reminiscent of its 570S ancestor.

While the 570S (as well as all modern road McLarens) rely on a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine for motivation, the newer McLaren model will use a twin-turbo V6 instead. It’s not yet clear if the very first McLaren V-6 will tie in with the V-8, but it’s likely. The new car will also be a plug-in hybrid vehicle, according to a report by Automotive News Europe, and will offer around 19 miles of EV range and a three to four hour charge time for its battery.

Either way, we would expect this McLaren’s smaller motor and electric motor to produce significantly more horsepower than today’s 562-horsepower 570S. In fact, we believe the car’s gasoline and electric powertrain will produce a combined peak north of 600 horsepower. That should allow it to surpass the tastes of the 573-horsepower Acura NSX without stepping on the proverbial toes of its 710-horsepower 720S stable mate.

Look for the next McLaren to show its face and trick the plug-in hybrid powertrain early next year. If those patent designs are anything to go by, then the latest entry-level McLaren promises to look like a six-figure sports car. Let’s just hope it delivers equally convincing performance.

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