Mazda3 With Turbo Engine Seemingly Teased, Debuts July 8

Rumors of a hotter Mazda3 appear to be true as the company teased Youtube and social media a more powerful version of its attractive compact car. We hear only a little engine noise and find out the revelation date – July 8 – but that’s enough to get us excited about a more robust and long-awaited powertrain.

According to the latest information, there is good and bad news regarding the new Mazda3 flavor. The car is thought to get a turbocharged all-wheel drive engine, but it should come exclusively with an automatic transmission. Do not hold your breath about the rebirth of “Mazdaspeed” because it is apparently not on the agenda. Although a 3-speed Mazda is available in the Philippines, it is only a more sophisticated variant of the standard model.

As for what will actually power the turbocharged variant, it could be the 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G found in the CX-5, where it develops 250 horsepower and 320 pound-feet (434 Newton-meters) of couple. As a reminder, Mazda has already developed a high-performance Mazda3, but it is a race car eligible to participate in one of the 36 championships sanctioned by the TCR around the world.

Mazda certainly needs to inject some performance into its car, since the VW Golf GTI Mk8 is coming and Toyota has almost confirmed that a GR Corolla is in preparation. A factor in the Honda Civic Type R and the Hyundai Veloster, Mazda is late in fashion. But as the company says Twitter, “Power comes to those who wait.”

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July 8 is less than two weeks away, so the wait is almost over. In another post on Twitter, Mazda says “stay calm and stay tuned. Plenty of time to rush. “

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