Maserati’s Smaller SUV Spied For The First Time With Stelvio Body

Maserati knows that SUVs are the most popular thing on the market right now and that’s why the Italian company has updated its roadmap with an earlier launch of its second crossover. It is expected to arrive at some point in 2021, at least a year ahead of schedule. We’re probably six to nine months away from seeing the model in its final production form, but today we can share the first spy photos with him.

Well, you’re probably going to be disappointed because Maserati is still using Alfa Romeo Stelvio mules as the test beds for their next SUV. As these shots, first posted by Walter Vayr on Facebook, show the model is testing with a Stelvio body. And while it might seem like an ordinary Stelvio, there are a few signs that tell us a different story.

Some of the shots show the front of the car covered in camouflage and this is the key to not being an Alfa prototype. The Italian manufacturer has already unveiled a revised version of the SUV and there is no point in disguising an unveiled model.

Secondly, there are a number of other Maserati prototypes alongside this crossover, leading us to believe that this is a test base from the automaker. Finally, the chassis of the test car appears to be slightly wider than that of the Stelvio, which could hint at a modified version of Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio platform.

The first pre-production models are slated to hit the assembly lines later this year, which probably means we’re a few months away from seeing test prototypes wearing the actual production body and pieces of the model.

From what we know so far, the still unnamed model will be placed under the Levante. We believe it will be slightly larger than Alfa’s upcoming Tonale crossover and will be powered by more powerful engines.

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