Maserati Unveils the 621-HP V-6 Heart of Its MC20 Supercar

Maserati Unveils the 621-HP V-6 Heart of Its MC20 Supercar

Maserati is not yet dead, and the Italian automaker hopes that its next MC20 supercar will prove that it still has some combat left. While Maserati has not yet unveiled its new model, the brand finally shows what will power the mid-engine car.

Discover Nettuno, the new 3.0-liter V6 engine with twin turbochargers from Maserati. Armed with 621 hp and 538 lb-ft of torque, the engine – which Maserati plans to produce in Modena, Italy – is sure to push the MC20 at triple-digit speeds with relative ease. Thanks to its 90-degree architecture, its compression ratio of 11.0: 1 and its nature for sure (power peaks at 7,500 rpm), the Nettuno engine will probably sound as good, if not better, than the next MC20 should look like.

Given Maserati’s desire to enter the MC20 in racing competition, the brand has predictably added technology derived from Formula 1 to its engine. This includes a dry sump lubrication system, as well as a prechamber ignition system. Inside this smaller and separate combustion chamber, a small amount of fuel ignites and then rushes into the main combustion chamber via small holes carefully oriented to ignite the rest of the fuel. A second spark plug in this chamber increases or replaces the pre-chamber spark plug under certain operating conditions.


The 485-pound Nettuno engine, however, will not be used as a powertrain unique to the MC20, and Maserati plans to offer the model with a gasoline-electric hybrid power supply and an electric battery in the years to come. Hopefully, the brand will share more information on these powertrain options when it drops the MC20 in early September.

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