Maserati Promises New SUV Called Grecale Based on Alfa’s Stelvio

Maserati Promises New SUV Called Grecale Based on Alfa’s Stelvio

FCA’s merger with French PSA hasn’t changed its big plans for a complete overhaul of Maserati. The 630-horsepower MC20 mid-engined supercar is the first in an avalanche of new or redesigned Maserati models expected to be unveiled by 2025. While the MC20 is set to serve as the brand’s halo (with a version Drop-Top Spider joining the Coupe in 2022), Maserati insiders hope the brand’s silver creator will be a new mid-size crossover SUV called Grecale, which shares a lot of gear with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

The Grecale, which in true Maserati tradition is named after a wind (in this case a northeast blowing across the Italian peninsula), is launching in 2021 and is key to a 40 percent increase in Total Maserati SUV sales by 2025, said Francesco Tonon, global head of product planning and brand marketing. The Grecale will be joined in 2023 or 2024 by a completely redesigned Levante, and the two new Maserati SUVs will be available with conventional internal combustion engines, as well as mild hybrid and battery-electric hybrid powertrains.


BEV powertrains will be available on six Maseratis by 2025, with the first batch appearing in 2022. In addition to the BEV version of the Grecale, 2022 will see the launch of the all-electric version of the MC20 supercar, which is said to sprint to 60 mph in about 2.7 seconds, to 124 mph in about 8.5 seconds, and have a top speed of almost 195 mph. The range is approximately 240 miles on a full charge. The Grecale and MC20 electric models will be joined by the BEV versions of the all-new GranTurismo Coupe and GranCabrio Convertible, which will launch alongside their redesigned internal combustion siblings in 2022.

All Maseratis BEVs will have the word “Folgore” added to their usual model designations. It’s Italian for lightning, and fit for a powertrain that, in high-end specs, will feature an 800-volt inverter and three electric motors – two at the rear axle and one at the front. The high-voltage system will allow the Folgore Maseratis to use ultra-fast 300kW chargers, allowing an 80% battery charge in just 20 minutes or an 80 mile recharge in just five minutes.

Rounding out the new blitz model, a brand new replacement for the flagship Quattroporte sedan, scheduled for 2023 or 2024. As with the other new Maseratis, there will also be a fully electric version.

The new 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 “Nettuno”, which debuted in the MC20, will become the main internal combustion engine of the brand, with different outputs depending on the model. The engine has also been protected for electrification in the future, which means that there will be mild hybrid versions.

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