Maserati Nettuno Engine Is A Twin-Turbo V6 With 630 Horsepower

Maserati presents Nettuno: the new 100% Maserati engine that adopts F1 technology for a road car

  • Maserati Nettuno: 100% Maserati: 100% Made in Modena
  • A futuristic engine produced by Maserati’s team of technicians and engineers, protected by international patents.
  • Technical specifications confirmed for the new engine.
  • Technological characteristics derived from Formula 1, resulting in better engine efficiency, increased performance and reduced consumption
  • The super sports MC20, the first Maserati to adopt the new engine, will be presented at the event “MMXX: time for daring” which will take place on 9 and 10 September in Modena

Modena, 01 July 2020 – The new era of Maserati begins with a new engine.

The new engine is the beating heart of the super sports MC20 which will make its world premiere in September. The unit was designed in Maserati facilities in Modena: the Maserati Innovation Lab on Via Emilia Ovest, the workshops of Via Delle Nazioni (historic base of Maserati Corse) and developed at the Engine Hub, located at the famous Viale address Ciro Menotti where it will be built. . Currently, the new production line and the new paint shop are being modified to accommodate the much anticipated MC20.

The new engine is the result of a technical revolution, protected by international patents. The project was born from the passion and commitment of a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers. After twenty years, Maserati has again enthusiastically taken up the challenge of returning to its headquarters in Modena with the development and production of a new highly technological and high-performance engine.

The operation is strategic for Maserati, a brand that is preparing to launch the new MC20, a “100% Made in Modena” project from its engine, the heart of the new car.

An ambitious design, which represents a historic moment for the company, a new era which will officially start on September 9 and 10 in Modena during the event, “MMXX: Time to be daring”. At launch, new models will be unveiled, which will go into production in the coming years, and innovative propulsion systems as well as ambitious programs developed by the Casa del Tridente will be announced.

The new power unit is V90 ° architecture, with a 3 liter, 6 cylinder double turbo, and has a dry sump (a classic solution on super sports cars). It delivers 630CV at 7500rpm and 730 Nm of torque from 3000rpm with a specific output power of 210CV / liter.

The compression ratio is 11: 1, the stroke is 82 mm and the bore 88 mm.

The heart of the engine is the innovative prechamber combustion system with two-spark plugs. This technology is derived from Formula 1 and is now available, for the first time, on an engine intended for the road.

The engine has Three main Features:

the prechamber: a combustion chamber is placed between the central electrode and the traditional combustion chamber and connected by a series of specially designed holes.

Side spark plug: a traditional spark plug serves as a support to ensure constant combustion when the engine is operating at a level that does not need the pre-chamber to start.

Dual injection system – direct and indirect: linked to the fuel supply pressure at 350 bars, the system reduces low noise over the speed range, reduces emissions and improves consumption.

It is strategically important and supported by the Innovation Lab which, thanks to virtual analysis, has made it possible to considerably reduce development and planning times.

The new “Made in Modena” engine, a traditional 90 ° V6, has been brought to unprecedented levels of power and torque and will be used for the first time on the super sports MC20. The MC20 will bring Maserati back to the racing world.

Engine specification

Engine architecture
Bore / stroke
Compression ratio
Firing order
Maximum energy
Max torque
Max engine speed
Firing system
Lubrication pump
Lubricating System
Fuel system
Valvetrain & Timing
Motor width
Motor height
Motor length
Motor mass (according to DIN GZ)
Emission level

V6 90 °
3.0 l
88 x 82 mm
11: 1
630 CV at 7500 rpm
730 Nm at 3000 – 5500 rpm
8000 rpm
Double side turbo with electronically controlled relief valve
Twin Spark with passive prechamber
Fully variable oil pump
Dry sump with recovery pumps and external oil tank
PDI (350bar direct injection + 6bar port injection)
Double overhead camshaft with variable valve timing
1000 mm
650 mm
600 mm
<220 kg
EU6D / China 6B / Ulev 70

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