Mark Wahlberg Expands Dealership Business With Buick-GMC Store

In recent years, Mark Wahlberg has grown from actor to businessman. He has Wahlburgers, a chain of joints and occasional burger bars, works with a health and wellness company and owns a Chevy dealer in Columbus, Ohio. Today, his business empire is growing with another dealership purchase – a Buick-GMC operation right across from his Chevrolet Mark Wahlberg store, according to Automotive news.

Wahlberg’s expanding business operations also include an Airstream and RV dealership in the same city. It has been renamed Mark Wahlberg Airstream & RV, and we are sorry if you expected a different name. If Wahlberg’s new purchases resemble those of its Chevy dealership, there will likely be a large “W” logo, the same signature signage on its restaurants, letting the world know who it belongs to.

Wahlberg purchased the Haydocy Buick-GMC dealership with business partner Jay Feldman, a Michigan dealer that Wahlberg encountered while filming Transformers: Age of Extinction. They also bought the Chevy dealership in 2018 and are business partners in several restaurants in Wahlberg. When the two bought the Chevy dealership, Feldman said they were considering buying other dealerships, and Wahlberg echoed similar sentiments at the time.

“Columbus has been very welcoming and it just made sense to develop our automotive platform here,” Wahlberg said in a statement, according to the industry publication. “The Haydocy family have been wonderful to work with during this transition, and Jay and I look forward to doing great things here.”

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Celebrities often look for opportunities to diversify their income, partner with brands and start businesses. Wahlberg’s pursuit of car dealers is not surprising. He worked as a mechanic to change the oil, and when he was younger, he bought used cars, repaired them and sold them. He now owns two establishments selling new and used cars to customers.

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