Majority Of Truck Owners Would Give Up Alcohol Rather Than Their Rigs

If there is one vehicle that will stand the test of time – whether in sales or in terms of the longevity of the vehicle itself – it would be vans. This is especially true in the United States where Ford F-Series trucks were classified as the best selling vehicle in 2019. Not surprisingly, the second best seller was also a pickup truck, but from Ram.

The numbers are proof; America loves its vans and Ford is one of the brands that capitalizes on the popularity of the segment.

And things will get even more exciting for Ford this week. The 14th generation of the Blue Oval workhorse will be unveiled on June 25, although a lot of information on this has already been published.

In the days leading up to its launch, Ford commissioned a Penn Schoen Berland survey of 2,000 American truck enthusiasts to learn more about the entire truck trend, directly from the owners themselves. We learned a lot from the survey, including the fact that 54% of those sampled are men – not really a dominant number as you might have thought. In addition, 38% of respondents own a Ford pickup truck compared to other brands.

Probably the most interesting part of the survey was that the majority of respondents would abandon three other things rather than their vans. The most dispensable streaming services were 82%, while alcohol and coffee consumption were 79% and 72%, respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum, only 38% of these truck owners would give up sex instead of their platforms. I cannot say that we are surprised.

To see the full results, you can visit The Great American Truck Survey 2020 on

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