Lowered Ford F-150 On 24-Inch Vossen Wheels Looks Rad

Vossen has often been the benchmark in the market for custom wheels. Located in Miami, Florida, the company is one of the few in the world, capable of manufacturing 100% forged wheels in-house. One of the latest models suitable for SUVs and pickups was presented by a lowered Ford F-150.

We’ll let you decide if you like the look of a lowered pickup, but the new Vossen hoops certainly give the long and low F-150 a unique aesthetic. It’s not often that you see a whole new example with thin sidewalls and big wheels, flat on the tarmac. This gives us vibrations from the NASCAR series of trucks and we totally agree with that.

It would seem a little out of place sitting on the pit lane in Daytona, but it would be a maneuver if Ford could use its F-150 as a speed truck. We would dare to guess that the manufacturer would prefer the hot version of the F-150, the Shelby SuperSnake as accelerator rather than the frame model.

The new exclusive wheel for SUV and pickup is nicknamed HF6-3, and it will be sold in diameters of 20 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches. The new hoops will also be available in five standard and nine custom finishes. The starting price for the HF6-3 is $ 599 per wheel.

Although the wheels produced by Vossen are exquisite to look at, they are not limited to the eye. In addition to being beautiful, Vossen wheels are designed to adapt perfectly to the vehicles for which they are designed.

Let us know your thoughts on these new wheels in the comments below.

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