Lincoln Monochromatic Package Added To Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator


Lincoln’s monochromatic package, which debuted on the full-size SUV Navigator last fall, is now available for Lincoln Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator
As the SUVs continue to add momentum to the brand, Lincoln is expanding the range to offer clean, dramatic color swipes that highlight the bold and elegant lines of the Lincoln SUVs.
Monochromatic package, with four color options, offers customers another way to personalize their Lincoln vehicle with a trendy palette
DEARBORN, Michigan, July 10, 2020 – The elegant, dramatic and striking elegance of the Lincoln monochromatic group, which debuted on the flagship SUV Lincoln Navigator, now extends to the brand’s growing SUV lineup: Corsair, Nautilus and Aviator.

As monochrome colors gain ground in a variety of areas, including fashion and interior design, Lincoln SUVs continue to energize the brand. In the second quarter of this year, the retail share of Lincoln SUVs continued to make big gains for the brand with an estimated 1.5% to more than 7% increase in the premium SUV segment. The Aviator continued to generate strong growth for the brand with a 10% retail share in the large premium SUV segment, while the Corsair reached more than 8.5% in the small premium SUV segment.

The monochromatic package – in pristine white, pearly ceramic, infinite black and now in asher gray – offers customers another way to personalize their Lincoln vehicle. The exterior package includes the iconic Lincoln grille and monochromatic name badge as well as unique black wheel models of 20 and 22 inches. Depending on the vehicle, additional components include color-matched side mirrors, bottom paneling and wheel lip moldings.

“The monochromatic palette is clean, uncluttered and showcases the beautiful lines of our Lincoln SUVs,” said Earl Lucas, Lincoln’s chief exterior designer. “From Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator to Navigator, this option not only allows us to keep our range fresh, but also gives our customers a unique option to customize their Lincoln SUV.”

The monochromatic set is available in the following colors in the Lincoln SUV range:

Lincoln Corsair 2021: immaculate white, endless black and ash gray
Lincoln Nautilus 2020: infinite black
Lincoln Aviator 2021: immaculate white, endless black and ash gray
Lincoln Navigator 2020: Immaculate White, Ceramic Bead and Infinite Black

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