Let BMW Design Boss Tell You Why You Should Like The New 4 Series

Several weeks after the launch of the new BMW 4 Series, the world is still not ready to accept its kidney grids – or, at least, a large part of the Bavarian company’s fans do not seem happy with this design solution. . Probably trying to respond to criticism, BMW has just released a new video, which talks about the design of the sports coupe.

Part of the BMW Today series, the 10-minute clip is actually an interview with Christopher Weil, exterior design manager at the premium car maker. He has an important role in the design of the sports car and is probably the perfect BMW ruler who can tell you why you should really like the new 4 Series.

“At BMW, we have a great heritage, let’s say. Over 100 years of design and there are a lot of cars with straight kidneys and we’ve taken that theme and made a new take on it. But we did it for a purpose – we think it’s the right kidney for this type of car, ”Weil says.

Well, that doesn’t sound too convincing, but apparently BMW wanted the 4 Series to stand out from the rest of the line-up and that’s one of the main reasons it has such large and distinctly shaped grilles. In fact, even the shape and internal graphics of the headlights further accentuate the massive shape of the double kidney.

However, there is no denying that the rear of the 4 Series is fantastic. Weil says his design team wanted to make it look a lot different from the 3 Series rear and it’s probably safe to say that they got it right.

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