Lego Announces New Fast and Furious Car Model

Lego Announces New Fast and Furious Car Model

Lego Announces New Fast and Furious Car Model

Lego has been releasing many new sets featuring various items from different film series. Appropriately enough, the family-oriented toy company is releasing a new toy for a series where the family is a vital part of the story.

The toy company has expanded its line to include a new toy from the Fast and Furious series. The new toy is a design that features a full reproduction of one of the most famous cars featured in the films.

The new toy will be part of the Lego Technic series. The set features a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. The vehicle is the one driven by Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto in the series.

The design of the toy focuses on producing a complete and thorough display. The car comes with all the points that make it noticeable in the films.

Lego Announces New Fast and Furious Car Model
Lego Announces New Fast and Furious Car Model

About the Set

The Dodge Charger set has 1,077 pieces. The design includes a focus on many of the details surrounding the vehicle.

The V8 engine under the hood will be on display, as will some moving pistons and a double-wishbone suspension. A wheelie bar is also a part of the design. A noticeable air blower appears in the middle.

A few Nos bottles appear in the back part of the car. These bottles are used for turbocharging purposes and to support faster speeds and acceleration in bursts.

The toy is designed for ages ten and up. All parts are arranged to be safe to utilize and arrange, provided the user follows the instructions that come with the set.

Moving Parts All-Around

Since the model is part of the Lego Technic series, that means it features many moving parts. The design focuses on producing a realistic look while showing off many distinct features around the inside. The printed instructions will help people see what they need to do when assembling the car, although it is critical to follow them accordingly to ensure it works.

Sized For Display

While the Fast and Furious car can work for role play purposes, it can also be shown off on a display. The car is about 15 inches long, six inches wide, and four inches high.

The vehicle can be left in its wheel stand position for a dynamic pose while on display. The stand appears on the bottom part of the car. By lifting the vehicle, the car appears with a unique appearance that makes the body stand out further.

Ordering the Product

Lego will be releasing the product to toy stores in late April. The company will also be bringing it to its Lego stores, which can be found in various shopping centers around the world. The product is available for pre-order through Lego’s website with a value of $100.

The design is the first Fast and Furious toy that Lego has released. There is a possibility that Lego may release other toys that feature different vehicles from the movie franchise. The work comes as the series has highlighted many noteworthy high-end sports and muscle cars.

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