Leaked: Face-Lifted 2021 Genesis G70 Looks Extremely Pissed Off

Leaked: Face-Lifted 2021 Genesis G70 Looks Extremely Pissed Off

There is not too much trouble with the current Genesis G70. In 2019, it was MotorTrend Car of the year, and we’ve been living with it for 12 months as part of a long-term test. There have been some problems, but so far he is generally satisfied. However, as one of the first Genesis models dedicated to being designed, the G70 currently does not look like the rest of the range, but a recently published photo of the update shows that Genesis intends to solve this problem.


The leaked images appeared for the first time on TheKoreanCarBlog.com, and the look shows that the brand’s grille is now applied here, as it already did on the G80 and G90. (Attentive observers will note that the lower consumption of the pre-refreshed G70 has previewed this form of “shield grille” via carefully placed lines in the mesh.) The new car will also adopt the dual-band headlight design seen on the SUV GV80, as opposed to the more conventional single unit in place on the current G70. The look is bound to be polarizing, and, as these images are not the best, the car might look less like an angry cybernetic fish stalking its prey when seen in person.

The rear overhaul is significantly more docile, although it has also been aligned with the G80, G90 and GV80 with dual-band tail lights, as well as new tailpipes. The specific car in the leak also has a “2.0” badge on the rump of the car, indicating that the G70 is very likely to continue its existing 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and not to adopt the new 2.5 Smartstream turbo liters of the company. The 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 will likely remain the option for an optional powertrain.

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