Le Mansory Is A Carbon Fiber Ode To The Ford GT Packing 700 HP



MANSORY presents the complete conversion “The MANSORY” based on the Ford GT – America’s cult super sports car, which has become a legend thanks to the film “Le Mans”

Under the motto “One car per decade”, “Le MANSORY”, limited to only 3 copies worldwide, forms another special edition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of MANSORY in 2020.

• Complete vehicle conversion
• Body entirely in carbon fiber
• Special color “Bleurion Race”
• Newly developed LED headlights
• Power increase to 710 PS and 840 Nm
• Limited to 3 conversions worldwide

It was undoubtedly one of the highlights of cinema in 2019: the film “Le Mans 66”. Main actor: The Ford GT40 and the legendary Le Mans race 1966.

While Le Mans is already a place with a special racing history – and has already been knighted by Steve McQueen with his film adaptation of “Le Mans” – the film “LE Mans 66” has once again focused on the ‘one of the most powerful and spectacular vehicles in the history of the automobile.

The events that followed at Le Mans need not be told for long – they and the Ford GT40, which was developed and built for this sole purpose at the time, were both history and cult motorsport since their furious triple victory at Le Mans in 1966. Everyone knows the story. Everyone knows the Ford GT40.

So, what could be more obvious to refine the new edition of this legendary vehicle – which should not be missing in any world famous collection garage – under the new abbreviation “Ford GT” from MANSORY and thus make it even more desirable? The result:

The Ford GT “The MANSORY”.

At Geneva 2020, MANSORY will present “The MANSORY” for the first time in a global limited edition of 6 conversions in total, thus adding another exciting chapter to the rich history of the Ford GT.

The “Le MANSORY” unequivocally and impressively shows why the worldwide reputation for complete conversions of MANSORY vehicles has become that which has distinguished the MANSORY brand for 30 years now.

The “Le MANSORY” convinces and impresses the observer at first glance thanks to its all-carbon body 5 cm wider, including its significant changes in the aerodynamic zone and makes the heart of any motor sport lover beat quickly.

In addition to the impressive first impression, the standard power of the 483 KW (656 hp) twin-turbo V6 engine has been increased to demanding and appropriate 710 hp by major modifications to the engine management system, enabling the “Le MANSORY” combination with aerodynamics adapted to reach a top speed of 354 km / h (standard: 347 km / h) almost effortlessly.

Chassis modifications and the use of 9×21 “(front) and 12×21” (rear) forged rims type “YN.5” with the corresponding high performance tires “Continental Sport Contact 6” complete the appearance in an elegant and harmonious and also playfully master massively increased performance.

However, the main LED headlights, which have been completely new and exclusively developed for “Le Mansory”, are of particular interest. This lighting system, which is divided into four individual headlights, gives the “Le Mansory” a completely independent look, which clearly distinguishes it on the one hand from the standard Ford GT, rather round, but on the other hand also gives it the best possible quote and, thanks to the newly designed contours and the enlarged air inlets, gives it the optical brilliance that makes the “Le Mansory” so unique.

Inside, which Ford kept rather spartan as standard, almost no single component was left untouched by MANSORY specialists – as usual with all complete MANSORY conversions. While the car is dominated exclusively by the blue color called “Bleurion Race” and the carbon fiber visible in dark gray, the interior of the dashboard and the sport seats are also lined in white-blue Alcantara. The numerous carbon applications distributed throughout the passenger compartment complete and compose the passenger compartment in a harmonious whole.

The “MANSORY” is limited to 3 units worldwide.

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