Land Rover Intern Envisions New Range Rover With Suicide Doors

Jaguar Land Rover hasn’t had the best time lately, as the British automaker is struggling to recover from the coronavirus epidemic and is even considering phasing out some of its existing models. However, even without official confirmation, it’s probably safe to assume that the future of the Land Rover Range Rover is bright. And that is more than enough for us to take a speculative look at the brand’s next generation flagship SUV.

The futuristic luxury utility that you see in the gallery below and in the video at the top of this article is the work of the talented designer Shijie Yu, who is a transportation designer from Los Angeles. A brief overview of his career so far reveals that he has been an intern with several different automakers, including Jaguar Land Rover where he has “worked on advanced exterior and interior designs” from the company’s design center in Shanghai. This easily explains one of his latest personal projects – a detailed 3D model of the next generation Range Rover.

Although the virtual vehicle is quite modern, it is immediately recognizable as a Range Rover, mainly thanks to the shape of the C and D pillars, as well as the size and shape of the rear lights. These traditional design features of the luxury SUV are combined with bold solutions such as suicide doors and the front grille hidden under a glass panel.

Things get better inside the cabin where the overall feel is spacious and comfortable. What appears to be chic materials is mixed with smart solutions such as shoe storage under the driver’s seat, a foldable combination storage compartment built into the trunk, a small foldable seat for the rear passengers, and more .

“This concept is designed to allow users to switch from one social role to another for different occasions seamlessly with enough storage space for their clothes and dresses,” says Yu behind the idea behind the cabin layout. “This project focuses more on interior design, and the combination of future technology and classic luxury is the theme of design.”

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