Carlex Design Land Rover Defender Yachting Edition

Land Rover Defender Gets Yachting Treatment From Carlex Design

We have known Carlex Design to make special cars extra special by using improved material quality and tasteful design executions. Last April, we saw the Polish aftermarket company raise the Mercedes-AMG G63 adding a few yachting design elements. It was a work of art, and the touch of wood all over the cabin made it truly exceptional.

This time around Carlex Design is applying the yacht design elements in the Land Rover Defender – and impressed us.

Based on the five-door Land Rover Defender 110, the Yachting Edition of the famous off-roader comes in the same brushed silver finish as its AMG G63 counterpart. The Defender Special Edition was announced by Carlex Design on its Facebook page, claiming that it was a “perfect combination of off-road performance, reliability and luxury marine styling.”

The biggest updates to the Defender Yachting Edition can be found inside the cabin. There are two choices. The first is similar to the Merc SUV – white coating with a multitude of wood accents. Even the cabin is full of wood materials, which (we think) goes with all the yachting vibe Carlex Design is trying to achieve.

The other cabin color is pretty weird, it must be said. With gold upholstery combined with the brushed silver accent, this one is more of a steampunk style than yachting. But hey, if you dig it, we don’t judge.

Carlex Design hasn’t released any pricing information for the Defender Yachting Edition, but given the many items added here, you can expect the price to not be cheap. You can always contact the company to investigate – and yes, they are open in the midst of the pandemic.

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