Lamborghini SCV12 Shown In Revealing Teaser Ahead Of Imminent Debut

Lamborghini SCV12 Shown In Revealing Teaser Ahead Of Imminent Debut

The debut of the Lamborghini SCV12 track car is apparently happening very soon. A new teaser image is now on the automaker’s homepage with the message “New Model Launch Stay Tuned”.

Lamborghini has been teasing the SCV12 since October 2019, which has made us wait a very long time to finally see the hypercar without camouflage. The track-only machine is a product of the brand’s Squadra Corse racing division.

Without having to worry about pedestrian safety or other regulations for road cars, designers can unleash their creativity to make the track car as hardcore as possible. The vehicle doesn’t even have real headlights and is content with diamond-shaped lamps in the lower corners of the front fascia.

The design also features a roof-mounted intake to direct air to the engine. The engine is a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 producing 830 horsepower (619 kW). Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via the six-speed sequential gearbox of the Huracan Super Trofeo Evo race car.

The rear features huge fenders and a large diffuser to which the massive rear spoiler attaches. The aerodynamic parts allow the SCV12 to produce more downforce than a GT3 class racing car. A large circular exhaust comes out on each side of the tail.

Squadra Corse has focused on the Aventador’s weight loss, but the company is not yet disclosing the exact figure. The SCV12 has a full carbon fiber chassis and rides on magnesium wheels. As a track-only machine, don’t expect there to be a lot of luxury inside.

Lambo has not announced the price or total production of the SCV12. Astronomical cost and extremely limited run, however, seem very likely. Customers can also enjoy driving events around the world.

The exact timing of the debut of SCV12 is unclear at this time. The company that teases the reveal suggests it’s very soon, however.

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