Lamborghini Diablo Redesign Imagines A Devilish Supercar For 2021

For some supercar fans, the last real Lamborghini was the Diablo. Built before the arrival of Audi, the Diablo had gigantic shoes to fill as the successor to the legendary Countach. The general consensus is that he has succeeded both in terms of performance and madness. But how would a modern Diablo behave in 2021? This is the last automotive question the Sketch Monkey seeks to answer.

With the view of this Diablo as a three-quarter rear perspective, the modernization efforts are focused on the big behind of Lambo. Overall, the curved lines of the Diablo have aged very well compared to the Countach, but the round taillights are straight out of the 1990s. As such, most of the work is focused on the adoption of the Lamborghini’s square design language square for its lights. This requires an overhaul of the all rear fairing, because the square theme is not limited to lenses.

Massive rear diffusers are also a fact of life for modern supercars, and this Diablo upgrade brings out the entire enchilada. It’s not a simple nail-down on some vents, however, since the Diablo had the goofy staple of the 80s and 90s supercars – a bizarre rear bumper that sticks out like an afterthought. As such, the makeover not only adds an aggressive diffuser, but closes in the space between the top of the bumper and the rear clip of the Diablo. It’s all part of the quadrature process, and to give it an appropriate modern twist, the Lambo’s lower outlet exhaust is moved to the center.

Lamborghini Diablo update
Lamborghini Diablo update

Minor changes are made to the profile of the Lambo to highlight the new thick rear clip, but otherwise the rest of the car is unchanged. Preserving Diablo’s waistline and overall arc was crucial in creating this update, and it shows how Lamborghini’s basic design language hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years.

The update definitely gives the Diablo a modern look from the rear, but now we’re dying to see what it might look like from the front. Hopefully it will be on file for a future video.

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