Lamborghini Aventador Body Ruined By Hail After Huge Storm

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, recently suffered a severe hailstorm that left the area with many damaged homes and broken windows. Any car sitting outside when the iceballs started to fall also resulted in numerous bumps and bumps. A Reddit member posted the video below showing a heavily dimpled Lamborghini Aventador after the storm.

There is no audio for the video, but the visuals tell the whole story. All kinds of little bumps now cover the hood of the Lambo. It’s like an automobile golf ball. The supercar windshield is also broken. Unfortunately, the clip does not give a good overview at the rear of the Aventador to allow us to see the extent of the damage at the rear.

It seems that the owner lives in an apartment complex with open parking without coverage on vehicles. Without protection, the Aventador took the full force of the hailstorm.

Some variants of the Aventador use an aluminum hood, and this seems to be one of them. Repairing all the little knocks would be a challenge for people in the body shop, so it would be easier to replace the entire panel. Hail does not appear to have damaged carbon fiber areas, such as the roof, almost as much, but touch-up paint may also be required.

The good news for the owner is that the insurance must cover the damage. Although the Lambo was probably out of service for a while at the body shop, there is no reason to believe that the hail caused mechanical damage that would prevent the car from rolling.

The video below provides a better overview of the extent of the damage from this storm.

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