La Strada Nova M

La Strada Nova M Camper Keeps The Van Look

Motorhomes are often designed with just one thing in mind: practicality. A good motorhome doesn’t have to look good on the outside, it needs to be comfortable, smart and spacious on the inside. That’s why you can’t see designate VR – quite simply, because no one needs it.

Apparently, the last statement is not entirely true. Some customers want their motorhomes to look good on the road and be as close to a standard pickup as possible in terms of appearance. This is where the folks at La Strada come to help with their cute, distinctive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter based vans. And the latest addition to their army of vans is the Nova M, which takes RV design to another level.

The Nova M is shorter than one of the company’s base models, the Nova EB, and is just 6 inches (16 centimeters) taller than a standard factory Sprinter van with the super roof option. high. The model is 254 inches (6.46 meters) long and those compact dimensions, coupled with the appearance of a pickup truck, earned it the 2020 Red Dot Product Design Award after its full debut at the 2020 Caravan Saloon.

The living space is by no means small. It offers a single bed in the back and a folding queen-size bed in the front, above the driver’s cabin and the dinette. And yes, that means the motorhome is designed to accommodate up to three people, but the company is actually positioning it as a luxury motorhome for two. It is aimed at couples who want a compact but spacious and comfortable adventure vehicle.

The Strada Nova M is currently only available in Germany with prices starting at € 98,930 or around $ 117,000 at current exchange rates. Even the base model is equipped with daytime running lights, a central locking system, an insulated and heatable waste water tank, a bathroom window and an awning as standard equipment.

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