Kyocera Moeye Concept Comes With X-Ray Vision For The Road

Kyocera Moeye Concept Comes With X-Ray Vision For The Road

According to Wikipedia, Kyocera Corporation is a “Japanese multinational ceramic and electronics manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan” specializing in the production of “industrial ceramics, solar power generation systems, telecommunications equipment, office document imaging equipment ‘, etc. You don’t expect him to unveil a prototype car, right? Well, you are wrong.

The truth is, the Moeye Concept is the company’s second concept car that showcases some of the company’s technologies and how they can be used in the automotive industry. The new study follows the same “neo-futuristic” design as its predecessor and takes things to the next level. Obviously, no production model is planned.

Highlighting technologies for autonomous vehicles, the interior of the concept is surely the star of the show here. The cab has transparent areas to “widen the driver’s field of vision”. This is achieved through the use of Kyocera’s so-called “optical camouflage technology” which relies on a number of cameras and a large screen that shows what is happening under the car. Parts of the dashboard can also become screens providing a full 3D view of the road.

In addition, the concept’s roof and doors feature LED panels that generate a “living” light very similar to natural light. The color and saturation of the light can be adjusted to mimic natural light in the morning or evening.

Kyocera even made an effort to make the vehicle smell special with the option to choose between five different scents. An advanced audio system with speakers featuring piezo elements is also part of the technological showdown. All these technologies are packaged in a vintage design for which the company claims to combine “tradition” and “the future of the automobile”.

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