Koenigsegg Jesko And Porsche 935 Featured In Project Cars 3 Trailer

Racing simulation games tend to come in two forms: pure driving simulators, designed to recreate the experience as precisely as possible, and arcade-like sims where the driving mechanics tend to be more forgiving. Where will Project Cars 3 reside in the racing simulation world? Let’s take a look at the latest trailer and find out.

As noted in the video description, the latest installment in the Project Cars franchise will allow you to buy, own, customize, upgrade, and customize your vehicles. Aside from being just menial tasks, these features suggest a career mode where players can start at the weekend warrior level and endure the journey to becoming a motorsport superstar.

Along with the changes to the vehicle, it looks like Project Cars 3 will have a plethora of automobiles for users to choose from. Some of the biggest hits include the Koenigsegg Jesko and the recently refreshed Porsche 935 race car. Aside from the flagship vehicles in the current crop of global manufacturers, the same variety seen in Project Cars 2 can be expected in the latest installment. The trailer features everything from formula cars racing at Laguna Seca to Group 5 racers battling it out on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

From a brief glance, it looks like PC3 is leaning towards the arcade realm. While we can’t comment on the exact driving mechanics from the trailer alone, the Forza-style upgrade system is aimed at the casual gamer. That said, the game has a lot more to offer than just racking up your vehicle and being your avatar’s fashion advisor.

Whether you play these games on a couch with a gamepad or a sim-rig with all the bells and whistles, it looks like Project Cars 3 has something to offer.

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