Kia Sedona Slams Into Wall Seconds After Owner Takes Delivery

Buying a new car and being away from the dealership is an exciting experience. Unfortunately for this person, the feeling of happiness was short-lived and quickly turned into terror. There was probably also a tinge of embarrassment.

The video opens with the owner taking delivery of a new Kia Carnival (better known as Kia Sedona in the United States). The minivan is inside the showroom, and you can even see the plastic that still covers the seats. Many people stand to record the discount to the buyer.

The owner begins to leave the showroom, but something is wrong. The van leaps forward and slams against a wall. The collision is severe enough for the airbags to deploy. After that, the driver sits in the vehicle for a while. He moves but seems naturally dazed. It must be very confusing to go from the excitement of taking delivery of a new vehicle to destroying the Carnival in seconds. Despite the large number of people in the immediate vicinity, no one rushes to help the driver.

The view inside the cabin is sad. The interior looks pristine until the camera panes over the deployed airbags.

The damage to the exterior looks terrible. The hood is crushed and the lower fascia is folded significantly inward. The mirrors are also moved. The puddle of liquid under Carnival seems to be a coolant, which suggests that destruction is more than cosmetic.

Things get more and more weird towards the end of the video because someone is chasing Carnival. Judging by the extent of the damage, we hope it will make only a short trip to the dealer’s service center because the minivan doesn’t seem to be safe on the road.

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