Joe Biden Mentions 200-MPH EV Corvette In Interview, But Which One?

In case you haven’t heard, America will elect its next president later this year. Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to accept the Democratic nomination this month, which brings us to this short campaign video featuring him with his 1967 Corvette Stingray. The classic “Vette or his campaign message don’t get us. not concern. Rather, it’s his mention of a future Corvette EV running at 200 mph. Wait, what?

A 200 mph Corvette is nothing new. The C7 ZR1 went up to 212 mph straight from the factory, and the C6 would have hit 205 mph over a decade ago. In this clip. Biden appears to be making a clear reference to a specific electric Corvette that will break the 200 mph barrier. The big buzz in the automotive field right now is whether it has an interior track on future plans for the Chevrolet Corvette, a theory The Detroit Free Press believes is correct. However, there is considerable room for interpretation in his remarks.

Specifically, Biden says “they’re telling me – and I can’t wait if it’s true to drive one – that they’re making an electric Corvette that can go 200 mph.” In our collective mind, this is actually a general statement that could mean one of three things. Yes, that could mean that a GM executive mentioned a fully electric super Corvette to him at some point. There is certainly plenty of evidence to support electrification, including leaked information about the Corvette Zora as well as trademark applications for E-Ray, which certainly looks like an electric Corvette.

However, this is another scenario. Biden’s ‘they tell me’ statement is terribly vague, and he might well refer to news outlets like us who have been reporting on C8’s development over and over again. In’s Archives alone, there are several articles about the Zora using an all-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain and over 1000 horsepower. It’s not a fully electric vehicle, but again, Biden’s words could simply be a vague reference to a Corvette using electric power in some form. A hybrid would fit this bill, and let’s be honest – the Zora is currently one of Detroit automakers’ worst-kept secrets.

There is also a third option that many people have overlooked. It’s possible Biden isn’t talking about GM or Chevrolet at all, but rather the Genovation GXE. This company converts Corvettes into full electric vehicles and in 2017 sent an electric C6 in excess of 200 mph. In 2019 they did the same conversion to the C7 and hit 210mph, so technically a 200mph electric Corvette is already here. You just can’t buy one, as the Genovation website still only accepts reservations.

Whether it’s a bit of inside GM information, a nod to the Genovation GXE, or just a politician reciting rumors he’s heard, there’s no doubt the electrification is in the future of the Corvette.

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