Jeep Wrangler 4xe PHEV Teaser Tries To Quietly Cool Bronco Frenzy

Jeep’s marketing team is working hard to draw at least some attention to the Wrangler during the week when the off-roader finally has a direct competitor. Just a few hours before the new Ford Bronco’s debut yesterday, Jeep introduced the Rubicon 392 Concept with a V8 engine, and shortly after, a report revealed that it could actually go into production. Now that the Bronco is out, Jeep is back in force with a new teaser video.

The short 15-second clip at the top of this page flew under the radar yesterday, but is now making waves when previewing the future Wrangler production plug-in hybrid. It shows a PHEV Wrangler riding through a beautiful landscape being “so calm it won’t disturb the nap” of a horse.

The plug-in version of the all-terrain appeared for the first time in January of this year when a prototype was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. At the time, the automaker announced that it would release more details specific on the electrified Wrangler later in 2020 and what better time for another preview than now.

In the video, Jeep reveals no details other than the official name of the vehicle – the Wrangler 4xe, and that it is “coming soon”. At this point, we don’t know much about what’s hiding under the familiar-looking body, but sources suggest that the PHEV system will use the Wrangler’s existing 3.6-liter V6. The electrification part of the equation would be in a protected area under the vehicle between the exhaust and the drive shaft.

We also don’t know if Jeep will offer the PHEV powertrain only for the four-door model or if the technology would also be available on the two-door Wrangler. Since the Gladiator pickup is so mechanically similar to the Wrangler and also comes from the same factory, the truck could possibly have the hybrid system, but Jeep is not yet discussing the prospect.

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