Jeep Gladiator Is Bringing Jeep Back Into the Truck World

Jeep Gladiator Is Bringing Jeep Back Into the Truck World

Jeep made the Gladiator as a pickup truck from 1962 to 1988. The two-door full-size truck was utilized based off of old post-war US Army trucks that can be sold for civilian use. But over time, the Gladiator became less popular as other car companies produced their own pickup trucks. Jeep would discontinue the Gladiator to focus on the Wrangler and Cherokee. Jeep would also get out of the pickup truck world in 1992 when the Comanche was discontinued.

Jeep Gladiator

Jeep just announced that after nearly thirty years, the Gladiator will be making a comeback. The Gladiator will return in 2020 with a new pickup truck body based on the Wrangler JL. The car was recently revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Jeep will make the new Gladiator for the 2020 model year. The company will produce the vehicle out of the Toledo Complex factory in Toledo.

The Wrangler-like design of the Gladiator has been released to the public. The design is expected to be attractive to many possible car buyers, although there are many other points surrounding the Gladiator that people deserve to note.

Extra Power From the Engine For Towing

Jeep is promoting the Gladiator as a model that offers a best-in-class towing capacity of 7,650 pounds. A payload of 1,600 pounds will also be a big factor. A three-position tailgate and a 115V power outlet will assist the driver in towing materials. A roll-up tonneau cover will be an option.

The power totals are based on the engine option that will be available when the Gladiator is launched. A 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine is included with Variable Valve Timing and an Electronic Stop-Start System. The engine will produce 280 horsepower. The engine is designed to be like what the Wrangler JL offers.

A turbocharged diesel engine is expected to be released in the future. That total will likely increase the total towing capacity and payload support on the vehicle.

A six-speed manual transmission will be included. Since the Gladiator is designed with features similar to the Wrangler JL, an eight-speed automatic transmission could be provided in the future.

Going Inside

The interior of the Jeep Gladiator will include several options, including an 8.4-inch touchscreen. The screen is used for navigational purposes and can link to Android and iOS devices through the respective Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features. Bluetooth support is included for the vehicle as well.

The premium cloth materials will add a strong sense of support. The leather-trimmed seats also add a comfortable feeling while being thick enough to handle many movements and functions.

Handling the Roads

The off-roading functionality of the Gladiator is expected to be among the best in the industry. The all-wheel-drive support will be accentuated by Dana 44 front and rear axles to produce better responses in more ranges. The all-terrain tires can handle various situations as well.

Jeep has not released specifics on how large the wheels will be just yet, but 18 and 20-inch options are expected.

Reviewing the Trims

Like with other Jeep vehicles, the company will offer the Gladiator in various trims. The base model is the Sport, an option that will include all the basic features. A roll-up tonneau and a three-position tailgate will be included here.

The Sport S and Overland versions are more valuable choices. The touchscreen feature and the Adaptive Cruise Control system are included. The ACC setup decreases vehicle speed and engine power when slow traffic is identified ahead, thus ensuring the vehicle stays at a certain distance away from the other vehicles in a spot.

The most prominent version of the Gladiator will be the Rubicon edition. The Rubicon has all the high-end features that Jeep wants to offer. These include an electronic disconnecting front sway bar, wide track axles featuring locking differentials, and an off-road camera that lists information on the various things that may be on the surface while looking tracking functions.

The exciting thing about the Jeep Gladiator is that it is a vehicle that will bring the company back into the pickup truck fold. The Gladiator will be an exciting vehicle to check out in 2020. The truck should offer an exciting body that is interesting and offers a great way for people to get out on the road.

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