So Flo Jeeps Jeep Gladiator Front Three Quarters

Jeep Gladiator 6×6 With Corvette Engine Looks Apocalyptic

It takes a lot to get people’s attention on the roads of South Florida, but this 6×6 Jeep Gladiator from So Flo Jeeps Company should do the trick. If wild looks don’t turn heads, the sound of the optional 6.2-liter LS3 V8 might be enough to get people checking you out.

The company starts with an authentic Gladiator, then slices it to lengthen the frame. The larger space creates room for an additional axle. The modified transmission features a nine-inch differential with a Detroit True Track Locker. This configuration allows the truck to operate with a full-time six-wheel drive transmission.

The Gladiator also sits higher thanks to a five-inch lift that allows up to 14 inches of suspension travel for each axle. A Falcon steering stabilizer makes it easy to control this beast.

The mechanical overhaul would be more than enough to give this truck a presence on the road, but So Flo Jeeps gives this Gladiator a wild look as well. The company refers to the front as the Grumper because it combines the grille and the bumper into one piece. The domed fiberglass hood also looks nasty. To protect the bed, there is a three-part epoxy that includes Kevlar fiber. At night, this beast shines with halos around the headlights and suspension lighting.

Inside there is hand-sewn marine grade leather. As these pictures show, it is still possible to remove the doors and put the roof down to enjoy outdoor driving. Electric side steps make it easy to get into the big truck.

So Flo Jeeps’ 6X6 gasoline Gladiator starts at $ 140,000. Alternatively, there is a variant with a diesel engine that costs $ 150,000.

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