Jeep Cherokee XJ Rendered As Modern SUV

Jeep Cherokee XJ Rendered As Modern SUV

The Jeep Cherokee XJ is considered by many to be the first true SUV to combine the off-road experience of Jeep into a package more suited to the road that you could drive every day. The XJ Cherokee found popularity with all categories of society thanks to its simple rugged construction that was capable of driving on and off the road. Over time, the Jeep Cherokee has become much more road-oriented and today is a compact SUV with virtually none of its original DNA. What if Jeep brought the Cherokee back to its roots?

In a rendering of wb.artist20 on Instagram, we have a unique glimpse of what could have been if Jeep had kept the Cherokee true to its past. This square but elegant all-terrain looks more like a competitor to Ford Bronco than a current SUV, which targets competitors like the Toyota RAV-4 and the Honda CR-V. The recreated XJ Jeep Cherokee follows in the footsteps of JL Wrangler by taking its classic design and modernizing the look without going too far. This restraint is essential to preserving long-standing design queues while making the vehicle evolve into something more palatable for the modern era.

If Jeep were to reinvent the Cherokee as the rendering of wb.artist20, there would be much more to celebrate about the modern Cherokee. Instead of a bland family transporter, we would have a design with a heritage that exudes off-road capability and the classic lines of the SUV that made the Cherokee famous. This more robust Cherokee could take on the new Ford Bronco alongside the Jeep Wrangler and gain a larger market share for Jeep in the growing off-road SUV segment that has garnered a lot of interest in the past two years.

Would you take this new interpretation of the Jeep Cherokee compared to the current SUV?

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